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    Castile Soap Collection

    Castile Soap Collection

    Castile Soap is named after the region in Spain which traditionally made these soaps.  What makes Castile soap so popular is that it is richly infused with Olive Oil, the benefits of olive oil for your skin have been well known for generations and it is this which had led to the soaps enduring popularity.

    Our Castile Soaps have been handmade to ensure that they contain enough olive oil to leave your skin feeling rich and nourished but they also contain other elements of natural oils and scents to ensure that you have an interesting selection to choose from when considering your next bar.

    We offer delivery to the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World and you can find out more about our shipping options in the informative links below or you can choose which shipping option suits you best in the checkout.

    We also have a range of All Natural, Eczema, Luxury and Coconut Soap collections and you can find out more about us on our homepage.

     To find out more about each individual soap you can click on the product images below.

    Castile Soap Collection | Sabai Soaps UK