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    Coconut Oil Soap Collection

    Coconut Oil Soap Collection

    The coconut and its oil is truly one of natures natural wonders, whether you are drinking coconut juice, using coconut oil on your body (or in your food) or eating the fruit you can feel that you can't be doing any better for your body than you are by using the humble coconut.  That's why we created our coconut oil soap collection which is rich in this wonder oil, the easy to use bar form means that you can use coconut oil on your skin to leave it both softer and better moisturised.  

    Our beautiful bars of coconut oil infused soap can be used every day as part of your regular bathing routine in either the bath or the shower.  To find out more about the benefits of the coconut you can read our informative blog post on the subject.

    We deliver our soaps to the UK, Europe and Worldwide.  To find out more about our shipping options you can read the informative links below or you can review your delivery options in the checkout.

    To find out more about any of the individual soaps in this collection you can click on the product images below.

    Coconut Oil Soap Collection | Sabai Soaps UK