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    Sabai Soaps (pronounced Sab-aai) was founded in 2015 with a simple mission, to bring the exotic scents and handmade soap products of Thailand to the UK and the rest of the world.  Sabai is a Thai word that usually translates as "happy", "comfortable", or "relaxed." To Thais, happiness is not something that is opposite sorrow. Instead it is more like a feeling of tranquillity. Sitting by the sea with the wind blowing through your hair would be called Sabai

    The idea for Sabai Soaps grew out of co-founder Gavin Thorpe's love affair with Asia and particularly Thailand. Having lived in and travelled around Asia for a number of years it had always been in the back of his mind that it would be great to be able to bring some of the 'exotic luxury' of Thailand back to the UK. This was just an idea until in early 2015 he met a family in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. Their small family business makes soaps by hand in their workshop using only natural ingredients including oils, vitamins and a range of scents which are unique to Thailand. It all seemed to good to be true and on that day the natural soap company Sabai Soaps was born, and we have been growing ever since following our aim of providing top quality natural skincare products to customers around the world.


    Handmade Soap UK | Sabai Soaps


    We are strong believers in organic production and sustainable development, all our products are 100% organic and even our packaging is biodegradable. We never use any man made or synthetically produced ingredients as they are not only harmful for your skin but also bad for the environment. Mother nature has provided us with a rich and diverse natural world and we couldn't be happier with it.

    As well as benefitting the environment using 100% natural ingredients also gives our soaps their most important quality, they are fantastic for your skin! Regular use will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised in a way that you will have never experienced using traditional soaps. The soaps are suitable for use with a variety of skin conditions as the natural oils and anti-inflammatories soothe and then reduce irritations. See our collection of Handmade Soaps for more detail.

    We are also firm believers that the benefits of business should be shared with the community that helps create it and 20% of the profits from our handmade soaps are given to charities and NGO's who do fantastic work in and around Thailand. Find out more in our Our Giving page.

    Vegan friendly – all our soaps are suitable for use by Vegans and we do not test any of our products on animals.

    Cruelty Free - our handmade soaps are not tested on animals and never will be.  No animals are harmed in their making except the family dog who gets a wash with them when he smells particularly bad.

    Our delivery centre for our handmade soaps is based in the UK and we do our best to provide free next day delivery to all UK Customers, we also have customers all over the world and offer clear easy to understand Global Shipping rates for all their deliveries.

    We also offer wholesale terms of service to a range of beauty salons, healthcare stores and other retailers. To find out more about our Wholesale Policy follow the link.

    To find out more about us or for any queries please contact us on info@sabaisoaps.com or get social with us by visiting our Facebook page, our Twitter feed or our Pinterest boards.