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    We try our best to make all orders of our natural soap next day delivery and free!

    We also dispatch right up until the last post, so many packages ordered late in the day still arrive the very next day!


    FREE is available on all orders above £20.

    Items typically dispatched same day (Monday to Friday).

    Delivery usually next day or within 2 days (Monday to Saturday).

    In exceptional circumstances (Christmas time) delivery can take up to 3 days, we will generally inform you at the point of order if this is the case.

    We often have FREE DELIVERY available for all orders at certain times of the year, details will be displayed on site.


    From £2-£6 depending on size of order

    Orders placed before 5pm (Monday to Friday) will be delivered next day.

    Outside of these times (Saturday and Sunday) delivery will typically be within 2 days.

    In exceptional circumstances (typically Christmas time) delivery can take up to 3 days, we will generally inform you at the point of order if this is the case.


    Is it not unknown for a package to go missing between our warehouse and our customers so to ensure that you get your delivery on time we offer a recorded delivery option with every purchase.  This option comes at a premium but will guarantee your delivery.


    Most orders are dispatched the very same day they are placed (Monday to Friday).

    Each Wholesale Order will be either have FREE DELIVERY as part of the order or be charged at a pre-agreed rate dependent upon the size of the order.

    Please contact us or review our wholesale policy or more details wholesaling with us.

    *Our soaps are handmade and therefore packages can vary in weight.


    We can deliver to just about anywhere on the globe, so if you require your soaps to be sent to an international location as a gift or for yourself you can find out more information on our Global Shipping page.

    For any questions you can reach us by phone on 0207 101 9275 or by email at info@sabaisoaps.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    You can also find us at any of our Social Pages shown in the footer bar below!